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YNDI Flow with Hip Openers

Release tension, stress and anxiety in this therapeutic hip opening practice.

YNDI Restore

Take time to rest and connect to stillness in this magical restorative practice.

YNDI Balance

Improve clarity, focus and determination with YNDI Balance.

YNDI Flow + Meditation

Let go of what's not serving you, relax and fill up on peace. Experience tranquility.

YNDI Backbend Flow

This practice will strengthen your spine and back and improve flexibility.

YNDI Awaken & Strengthen

This yoga class creates a profound connection to stability, resilience and freedom.

YNDI Restorative Flow

Stretch areas of the body that hold tension and build strength from foundational postures.

YNDI Fluid Flow

A vigorous and playful vinyasa flow practice fusing together different yoga disciplines.

YNDI Heart Opening Flow

This all-level practice will strengthen, improve flexibility and open your heart.

YNDI Flow Fundamentals

This class gives you insight to yoga postures to help you grow from a strong foundation.

YNDI Flow for the Knees, Back and Hips

A powerful and therapeutic practice to help heal the knees, back and hips.

YNDI Awaken Flow

An invigorating, vinyasa practice, to awaken your senses and soul.

YNDI Fusion

An empowering practice from seasoned practitioners to newer yoga students.

About Yndi Yoga

Travel through atmospheric environments and custom soundscapes with Yndi Yoga. The series helps viewers bring their bodies and minds to optimal health, while also nourishing the soul. The series features 13 half-hour episodes designed to improve one’s mental and physical wellbeing.

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