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Can We Change Our Body Type?

We walk through the types of muscles and hormones that transform the body.

Can Humans Change Their Sleep Cycle?

Dr. Tina Lasisi walks us through the peaks and valleys of our circadian rhythm.

Why Do We Get Allergies? (And Are They Really Necessary?)

Let's walk through how our immune system evolved and what affects our allergies.

Where Does Our Stress Come From?

We explore the evolutionary function of stress.

Why Do We Have Different Hair Types?

We walk through why hair varies so much across all humans.

Where Does My Skin Color Come From?

In this episode, Dr. Tina Lasisi walks us through how we genetically inherit skin color.

How Did We Evolve a Sense of Smell?

In this episode, we walk through how our brain develop and process smell.

About Why Am I Like This?

Being a human can be weird. Even when everything is "normal" (whatever that means), you might not always get what your body is doing…or why. Dr. Tina Lasisi, full-time biological anthropologist and part-time human, is here to help you make sense of how and why our bodies do what they do.

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