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When Antibiotics Fail, What's Next?

We could by 2050 see 10 million deaths annually from “superbug” infections.

Are We in a Loneliness Epidemic?

We discuss the overall impact of loneliness on mental wellness.

How Abortions Bans are Changing Medical Care

Here's why U.S. abortion bans have had an effect for patients, providers, and medicine.

Why Is Everyone I Know Getting Sick?

Viruses are back with a vengeance theorized as "tripledemic".

What is "Baby Botox" and Why Are Younger People Doing It?

We answer all your botox questions and more.

5 Supplements That Might Not Be Worth the Hype

A panel of experts talk and grade the five top-selling supplements with surprising finds.

Why Don't We Have an HIV Vaccine?

Lots of questions, and we’ve got some answers.

Pros and Cons of Traveling Abroad for Surgery

Alok and Sheena share some of the risks associated with medical tourism.

Gender-Affirming Care: What Doctors Really Think

Alok and Sheena dive deep into the discourse, science and future of of trans health care.

CBD is Everywhere, But Who's Regulating It?

We dive deep into why the FDA is cracking down on CBD companies.

A Blood Test That Can Diagnose Depression?

There’s a blood test that can detect your risk of depression? So why aren't we using it?

Can Psilocybin or MDMA Treat Depression and Anxiety?

We break down the effects and study takeaways of psychedelic medications.

Why Diets Fail

We'll show you what you really ought to focus on when it comes to food.

What Kind of Therapy Is Right For You?

How do you know if you should go and seek therapy?

Sleepwalking: When Good Sleep Goes Bad

Sleep disorders affect millions of people.

How Much Should You Really Be Drinking?

The advice on alcohol is changing - Alok and Sheena have you covered!

How to Google Your Symptoms the Right Way

Google health symptoms without the anxiety using these tips.

Are We Running Out of Nurses?

Burnout and two years of COVID pressure are driving nurses to leave the profession.

Who Has the Best Sex Life? (It’s Not Who You Think)

SENIORS HAVE SEX TOO! Our hosts talk to Dr. Aronson about a healthy sex life at any age.

Do You Lie To Your Doctor?

Alok and Sheena take to the streets to ask people how and why they lie to their doctor.

Kids and the Covid Vaccine: Everything You Need to Know

Kids, schools and COVID are a combustible mix. Could a kids' vaccine make a difference?

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