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UNUM Short: The Vindman Twins on Liberty

The Vindmans reflect on today's refugee crisis and their own refugee experience.

UNUM Short: A Strike that Changed America

US Senator Sherrod Brown considers the legacy of the United Mine Workers Strike of 1902.

UNUM Short: How Dolly Parton Reclaimed Her Career

Ken Burns considers the struggle female musicians often face against men in the industry.

UNUM Short: Remembering the Sand Creek Massacre

Ken Burns considers how we ought to remember dark parts of our history.

UNUM Short: Ali and Robinson

Ken Burns looks at the ways Muhammad Ali stood on the foundation Jackie Robinson created.

UNUM Short: Elections in Times of Crisis

Ahead of the 2020 election, Ken Burns explores leadership in moments of crisis.

UNUM Short: Baseball

Ken Burns considers baseball's role in pulling the nation forward.

UNUM Short: The Mythology of Monuments

Ken Burns considers why, and for whom, our monuments have been built.

UNUM Short: When the World Couldn't Watch a Black Man Win

Ken Burns explores sports as a mirror of our culture.

UNUM Short: Collective Mobilization

Ken Burns compares the collective mobilization of the 1940s to America's COVID response.

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Ken Burns is making shorts. Watch this introduction to learn more.

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