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A Run for More

Frankie, a transgender woman and deft politician, runs for San Antonio City Council.

Quilted Education

Karen Hinton Robinson quilts the Black history lessons absent from the Texan curricula.

Jared Dawson is the Church of Lavonia Elberton

Jared Dawson embodies his drag persona, Lavonia Elberton, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wiley's Last Resort

An ode to one man’s fight against strip mining the Appalachian mountains he loved dearly.

Disrupted Borders

A coming-of-age story about two best friends living on the US-Mexico border.

Ten by Ten

A Southern restaurant adjusts to newfound fame after appearing on Korean television.

The Space Between You & Me

Two Korean-American adoptees meet their birth mothers for the first time.

8 Days at Ware

Youth suicide at a Louisiana juvenile detention center exposes a legacy of abuse.

Love Without Parole

An Alabama inmate fights to keep a jailhouse romance alive while advocating for parole.

Stay Here Awhile

An ode to the poetry and power of the American South’s diverse landscape and its stewards.

Stay Prayed Up

Hear the gospel of 83-year-old Mother Perry and her legendary music group The Branchettes.


The people, culture, landscape and history of the South both captivate and bewilder. In the cherished tradition of Southern storytelling, Reel South reveals the South's proud yet complicated heritage, as told by a diversity of voices and perspectives.

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