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Episode 13

Opportunity Knock$ as the families are presented with $30,000 to reach bigger goals.

Episode 12

The families return to Dollywood to share their financial journeys with coaches.

Episode 11

The families successfully follow their financial plans and we see the changes.

Episode 10

Using the coaches' tools the families now have the skills to be successful on their own.

Episode 9

Families strengthen their financial foundation by visiting resources in their communities.

Episode 8

Using tools from the Opportunity Coaches, the families move forward to reach their goals.

Episode 7

The families build financial resilience by using tools provided by their coaches.

About Opportunity Knock$

Jean Chatzky, Patrice Washington and Louis Barajas star as Opportunity Coaches guiding families to build better lives. Along the way viewers inspired by the journey learn how they too can overcome financial challenges. Opportunity Knock$ when families living paycheck to paycheck see it is possible to achieve the American dream.

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