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Scenes From The Glittering World

Indigenous teens going to a remote school on Navajo Nation reservation plan their futures.

When Claude Got Shot

After being shot in the face, a law student is torn by the effects of gun violence.

AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness

Researchers take a mind-blowing journey to investigate the mysteries of consciousness.


A provocative look at what it means to feel safe in an American classroom.

Owned: A Tale of Two Americas

Exposé on how American housing policy has been manipulated in discriminatory ways.

Home From School: The Children Of Carlisle

Native Americans recover the remains of children who died at an Indian boarding school.

Duty Free

After losing her lifelong job, a mom teams up with her son to fulfill her bucket list.

Storm Lake

Inside the family-run newspaper keeping local journalism alive.

Ferguson Rises

Michael Brown Sr. seeks justice after a white police officer kills his son in Ferguson.

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