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What are Digital Twins and How Do They Keep Hip-Hop Fresh?

As Hip-Hop reached its 50th anniversary, how can its culture and artifacts be preserved?

Avatar Evolution: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Artists

Are virtual avatars the next evolution for Hip-Hop?

The Way Hip-Hop Artists Use AI is Going to Blow Your Mind!

Hip-Hop artists are retooling and developing AI to create new sounds and workflows.

Hold Up, How Did Hip-Hop Become A Trailblazer in VR?

Hip-Hop artists adopt and remix new tech to make space for themselves in the Metaverse.

About Hip-Hop and the Metaverse

Hip-Hop is the sound of the future and the future is coming fast. Join our host, writer, multimedia producer and professor of media arts and culture Dr. Taj Frazier as he explores the way Hip-Hop artists and entrepreneurs are reshaping and remixing emerging technologies.

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