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What If Neandertals Buried Their Dead?

We explore what we have in common with our ancient cousins.

When Our Culture Changed Our DNA

We have become the ultimate niche builders.

These Creatures Were Darwin's Greatest Enemy

Beneath their shell, the crustaceans hold an evolutionary mystery.

How Did Lucy Live and Die?

The answer is part of a decades-long debate.

Thylacoleo Is The Missing Australian Apex Predator

n Australia, evolution built a family of deadly predators.

We Met Neandertals Way Earlier Than We Thought

We focus on the DNA we got from our Neanderthals.

How Plate Tectonics Gave Us Seahorses

Seahorses are one of the ocean's worst swimmers but their origin story is great.

Are We All Actually Archaea?

In recent years, Archaea's connection to us has been pretty huge and surprising.

Darwin Missed An Example of Evolution Right Under His Nose

Charles Darwin encountered a tiny fox-like creature during his famous voyage.

Our Ancient Relative That Said 'No Thanks' To Life On Land

While some fishapods were crawling out of water, others were diving right back in.

Where Did Water Come From?

We think our water came from unlikely sources: meteorites, space dust, and even the sun.

About Eons

Join hosts Michelle Barboza-Ramirez, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era — the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.

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