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Charlie catches the commercial beekeeping fever then drops the mic in a wild music video.

Honey, Honey

Living the dream in the Land of Milk and Honey, Charlie hits payday harvesting his hives.

Two, Tarts

Charlie joins 2 bakers who help him rob hives, extract honey, and cook up culinary magic.

The Business of Bees

The business of bees is buzzing as Charlie takes on bees in an oversized roadside chicken.

Queen Me

From the San Antonio Zoo to a an old jet engine, Charlie does his best to catch the queen.

Bee School and a Hurricane

Charlie goes back to college, then tries to catch bees in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Bees, Beers, & Bikes

From hardware to honey ale, Charlie gets brutalized trying to get bees from a big chimney.

Welcome to TX Beekeeping!

Meet the wild Texas bee expert, Charlie Agar, nothing will stop him from saving the bees!

About Charlie Bee Company

Charlie Bee Company is a show about a wild Texas beekeeper who rescues Africanized honeybees from desperate & dangerous situations, learning more about bees with each new sting he receives. Every day is a challenge for this bee removal expert who never knows what to expect when meeting an angry hive. Always learning more about bees himself, Charlie and Company bring bee conservation to the global

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