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Dinosaurs: Jurassic Pals

Learn the importance of scale by drawing an Apatosaurus and a Pterodactyl.

Dinosaurs: Try Try Triceratops

Take a trip into the past with Joe Wos and learn how to draw the mighty Triceratops.

Dinosaurs: T. Rex Territory

Draw the King of Dinosaurs and create setting with foreground, middle-ground & background.

Under the Sea: A Work of Aarght

Joe Wos immerses us in the world of pirates and sea monsters.

Under the Sea: Welcome to the Ocean Floor

Dive deep with Joe Wos by drawing an octopus, blobfish, and anglerfish.

Outer Space: A Passion for the Planets

Join Joe as he shares his passion for drawing planets such as Saturn, Pluto and more!

Outer Space: Alien Encounter

In this episode, Joe Wos draws us into a close encounter of the alien kind!

Outer Space: Lunar Friends

Travel along as we blast off to the moon and learn how to draw an astronaut and his friend

About Cartoon Academy

Pittsburgh cartoonist Joe Wos takes students through the creative steps of drawing cartoon characters, while sharing educational facts on the cartoon subjects. Viewers will also learn artistic terms during each lesson.

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