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Make a Book with Meat (or other atypical materials)

Artist and designer Ben Denzer shares an assignment to make an ATYPICAL BOOK.

The Definition of Art

What is art? How do we define art?

Art That Was Never Finished

John Green shares some of his favorite unfinished artworks.

Make a Cut-Out with Cécile McLorin Salvant

She shares an art assignment on creating your own Theme and Variation Cut-Out.

Art Made in Adversity

Allison Smith shares her thoughts and books about art made in adverse circumstances.

Art That Brings Me Comfort

What art that brings you comfort right now?

Creativity is Overrated

You don't need to be creative or inspired to make art.

What This Painting Tells Us About Frida Kahlo

We take a close look at her painting The Two Fridas (Las Dos Fridas).

What Makes a Masterpiece?

What do we mean when we call an artwork a MASTERPIECE? Who decides which art becomes one?

The Case for Video Games

Video Games are fun, but are they art?

Art Therapize Yourself

What is Art Therapy? How can you use aspects of it in your next art encounter?

Why Is This Woman in the Jungle?

What is it about this artwork that captivated audiences then and now?

The $150,000 Banana

Artist Maurizio Cattelan duct taped a banana to a wall and sold 5 editions of the artwork.

Is Instagram Changing Art?

How is it changing the way we interpret and interact with art?

Having a Coke with Frank O'Hara

We explore his life as a poet and art curator at MoMA.

Why Do Corporations Buy Art?

Corporate lobbies and board rooms are often graced with impressive art, but why?

My Top 40 Art Reflections

Host Sarah Urist Green shares 40 reflections about art.

The Case for Impressionism

Why Impressionism is interesting and worth your attention and admiration.

How to Sound like you Understand Art

Here are tips for how to sound like you understand art.

What Did Monet Eat in a Day?

The life, art, and eating habits of the great Impressionist artist Claude Monet.

Art and Empathy

Empathy is a term we hear a lot, but what does it mean and how does it work?

Whose Migrant Mother was this?

Whose Migrant Mother was this?

How Climate Changes Art

How Climate Changes Art

Art We Launched Into Space

There is plenty of art ABOUT space, but this video explores art ACTUALLY IN space.

What Does Resistance Look Like?

What Does Resistance Look Like?

A Video Game about Art?

When we heard there was a video game about art and curating, we had to give it a try.

What Art tells us about Gender

There is a huge range of ways that gender has been understood in the history of art.

Should Art Be Publicly Funded?

Should Art Be Publicly Funded?

Art About Migration

Migration is central to human experience, and art history reflects that.

Eat Like Andy Warhol

Explore the art and life of Warhol through the food he depicted and the food he ate.

About The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Green. We take you around the U.S. to meet working artists and solicit assignments from them that we can all complete.

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