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Christopher Columbus, his time and his plans

Understanding Columbus and the influence and destruction heaped on the Americas.

Huelva, Spain and the Quest for Western Lands

Exploring Huelva, its surroundings and its wealth of cultural and historical influences.

Cowboys, Vaqueros and Rodeos, the Brazilian Way

Brazilian descendants of European immigrants value the heritage of the cowboy.

Whales and Their Offspring in San Ignacio Lagoon

Protecting whales and cultivating the friendship between people and the gentle giants.

The Salton Sea: Life and death in an inland ocean

Exploring a once booming tourist mecca that is now a nearly dead body of water.

The Northern Jaguar Preserve

Conservation groups work for the ideal habitat for jaguars, mountain lions and ocelots

The wild and explosive past of northwest New Mexico

The natural monuments that define the territories of native peoples in New Mexico.

Ancient peoples of the Colorado Plateau

Explore how southwestern U.S. native peoples established the Colorado Plateau.

Slickrocks and Monuments in the Four Corners

Explore the Four Corners portion of the Colorado Plateau.

About In the America's with David Yetman

Hosted by research social scientist David Yetman, explore the landscapes, peoples and history of North and South America — from the coldest towns in Canada to the tropical islands of the Caribbean.

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