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Episode 1

Detectives investigate the brutal murder of young Turkish girl, Esmé.

Episode 2

Ferhad, the presumed culprit of Esmé's murder, is viciously attacked and left for dead.

Episode 3

It seems that there is a serial perpetrator at large in the city.

Episode 4

For the second time, Moses' actions have made it into the press.

Episode 5

Marnix and Simon face some hard questions from Internal Affairs following a shootout.

Episode 6

Peter and Vicky wonder if Moses is real or if they are dealing with a series of copy cats.

Episode 7

A story explodes in the media, with fanatics expressing support for Moses' cruel action.

Episode 8

Moses strikes again and a young girl is kidnapped. Is Moses becoming careless?

Episode 9

With Peter removed from the case, Vicky is assigned a new partner, Tony.

Episode 10

Is Professor Schatteman's suicide the work of Moses?

Episode 11

The press starts to ask hard questions and Liesbet is under pressure to provide answers.

Episode 12

Vicky and Tony look into the murder of Amalia and question her daughter.

Episode 13

The inevitable happens... the whole team become suspicious of each other.

About 13 Commandments

Inspired by the Ten Commandments, a killer commits a series of gruesome crimes. Self-proclaiming himself a modern-day Moses, the killer aims at restoring long gone moral standards and punishes ruthlessly. A jaded police officer and his ambitious young partner get caught up in an impossible hunt for the murderer whose popularity increases with some people despite his cruelty.

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