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Chatham Baroque - Nov 16, 2022

Chatham Baroque presents their "Virtuoso Recorder" set of concerts this weekend - Friday at St. Nicholas Church, Saturday at Calvary Episcopal Church and Sunday at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Learn more about the concerts in this podcast.

Rebecca Wahls, SMJ, and Maggie Marie Rodgers - Nov 15, 2022

Director Rebecca Wahls, writer SMJ, and composer Maggie Marie Rodgers talks with Voice of the Arts about their upcoming new musical, this old haunt, having their academic premiere at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama, this Saturday, November 19th at 2pm. They also discuss creating a new musical during the age of internet meetings, and how one can overcome grief individually and together with friends. Shows run until November 30th.

Suzanne Romero & John Harrison - Nov 14, 2022

The Three Rivers Film Festival presents the 40th Anniversary screening of George Romero's Creepshow at the Harris Theater Wednesday November 16th at 7pm with panel discussion from Mrs. Suzanne Romero, Assistant Director John Harrison, Tom Savini and Lori Cardille. John and Suzanne speak about the making of the movie in Pittsburgh; George's Romero's connections to WQED; Fred Rogers and Stephen King; John's work at WQED-FM and writing of the Creepshow score; George's love of classsical music; and the Zombie world which had it's rise from western Pennsylvania. Plus whatever happened to all the thousands of imported cockroaches that paid no attention to the set border in this conversation with Jim Cunningham.

Marianne Cornetti - Pittsburgh Festival Opera - Nov 10, 2022

Marianne Cornetti stopped by WQED-FM to chat with Anna Singer about Pittsburgh Festival Opera's "Legends in the Limelight" concert - Sunday November 13th, 3pm at Shadyside Presbyterian Church.  The concert features tenor John Osborn.  

Bill Powers & Jacob Joyce - Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra - Nov 9, 2022

Jacob Joyce, Music Director of the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony and Assistant Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony and William Powers Executive Director of the Orchestra discuss the Dvorak Eighth Symphony, Ballade by Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet and Jimmy Lopez “Techno” that will be heard in a 7:30pm Free concert at Heinz Hall Sunday November 13. They joined Jim Cunningham live on Wednesday morning November 9.

Paul Salsini - Nov 8, 2022

Journalist and writer Paul Salsini sat down with WQED to discuss his new memoir detailing his personal correspondence with the late composer, Stephen Sondheim, "Sondheim and Me: Revealing a Musical Genius." Listen as we discussed the circumstances leading to Salsini first reaching out to Sondheim, his founding of The Sondheim Review Magazine, and much more.

Antony Walker - Pittsburgh Opera's "The Marriage of Figaro" - Nov 4, 2022

Pittsburgh Opera presents Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" November 5th through 13th at the Benedum Center.  WQED-FM's Anna Singer spoke to the opera's Music Director, Antony Walker.