Resources for Employers

How can employers continue to hire the best workers while ensuring that they’re responding to the job market?

A unique challenge for companies looking to hire is an “artificial vacuum” created when asking for higher credentials than necessary, according to the Allegheny Conference’s Inflection Point report.

Recruiting should consider sources of diverse talent, extending reach to them, in order to give opportunities to all potential workers, especially in fields like healthcare where a diverse workforce can better reflect diverse patients.

While automation is a concern in eliminating jobs, fewer than 5 percent of all current occupations can be fully automated, by one estimate. But, technology may be increasingly integrated into some jobs, and workers should be able to learn how to use them.

Work environments should also encourage employees to continue to work and grow on the job, in addition to the work-ready skills they bring when first hired.



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Read more data from the Inflection Point report

Developed by Allegheny Conference on Community Development, the 2016 Inflection Point report uses data to predict where jobs will be needed in the near future, and what employers, educators and members of the workforce can do to be ready for those jobs. The report was updated for 2017-18.

This document served as a basis for much of the data in this project, including identifying the workforce issues that we’re facing in the Pittsburgh region. Slower population growth plus an aging workforce that could trigger a wave of retirements, leaving job openings unfilled in its wake.


Engage with students, teachers and parents to Remake Learning

A network to share best practices and new ideas, Remake Learning hosts or connects learners to events that foster creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Its popular Remake Learning Days, this year from May 9 to 19, has spread to several regions from its beginnings in Pittsburgh. Find out to tackle challenges using maker learning.


Watch and vote on What’s So Cool About Manufacturing videos by students

Sixteen regional contests allow students to create videos that showcase manufacturing across Pennsylvania. The annual events, begun in 2013, give teams of students and teacher coaches camera equipment, software and guidance to script, record and edit videos meant to help change perspectives about manufacturing careers.


Find networking events through Pittsburgh Technology Council

The oldest and largest technology trade association in the country, Pittsburgh Technology Council connects tech companies with resources to help them grow. Business members can attend events and look for jobs, as well as connect to capital, grow their workforce and increase their visibility.


Post jobs and find planning documents at Pittsburgh Builders Exchange

A trade association for the commercial construction industry, the Pittsburgh Builders Exchange serves as an online construction news service featuring information about construction opportunities from the design phase through contract awards. Visit the bulletin board for skilled trade job opportunities and other member benefits like web classes.


Learn how America Makes trains veterans in additive manufacturing

A private-public partnership to accelerate additive and innovate manufacturing and 3D Printing, America Makes is a national organization based in Youngstown, Ohio, whose mission is to increase the United States’ economic competitiveness. The group is operated by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, which works to advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Find out how companies can develop apprenticeships through America Makes and its partners.