Engineering & Design

Engineers are in need across several fastest-growing job categories, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, additive manufacturing, petrochemicals and advanced manufacturing. Engineers must earn a bachelor’s or master's degree. Jobs in engineering are projected to grow 5 percent by 2025. However, engineering roles take 20 percent longer to fill in Pittsburgh than nationally, which might be improved by better aligning local programs and local need, (according to the Allegheny Conference’s Inflection Point). Industrial maintenance jobs related to engineering are projected to have a 6 percent growth.

Meet Destiny and learn the schooling and training she applies to become a chemical engineer.

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Hear from a Civil Engineer on a construction site in Pittsburgh about their typical day and why they enjoy this growing field.

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Machinist create parts needed in limited quantities or parts needed to test the feasibility of larger scale manufacturing.

Jobs in Engineering

  • Architect
  • Mechanical Drafter
  • Electronics Technician
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer

Mechanical engineer —designs and builds mechanical and thermal sensors and devices like tools, engines and machines. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: 10 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $84,190

Civil engineer — designs, builds, supervises and maintains projects like roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges and water and sewage systems. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: 9 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $76,410

Environmental engineer — develops solutions to environmental problems through chemistry, biology and soil science to improve processes like recycling, waste disposal and water and air pollution control. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: 7 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $82,940

Industrial engineer — finds ways to design efficient systems in production processes, bringing together workers, machines, materials, information and energy to better produce a product or provide a service. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: 2 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $81,880

Electrical engineer — designs and supervises the manufacturing of electrical equipment like electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems and power generation equipment. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: 2 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $85,980

Electronics engineer — designs and develops electronic equipment like broadcast and communications systems from portable music players to GPS (global positioning system) devices. (source)
JOB GROWTH THROUGH 2025: -3 percent
MEDIAN PAY: $74,770