Jobs in construction are a set of skilled trades that work building structures, highways and utility systems, among other things. Each role related to construction involves a specialized skill, like masons who lay bricks or plumbers who deal with water systems. Construction managers oversee teams involved in each process of building, especially on very large projects. Construction also includes architects and industrial designers who develop the plans that other workers follow. Some roles require on-the-job training, while others may require an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Formal technical training through apprenticeship programs benefit the construction industry, but workers are also needed for more specialized roles. Apprenticeships in the field benefit construction workers not just after high school, but well into someone’s career. Supervisory roles in the construction industry now may include more technology and advanced mathematics.

Jobs in Construction:

  • carpenters
  • roofers
  • sheet metal workers
  • electricians
  • cement masons and concrete finishers
  • plumbers
  • pipefitters and steamfitters
  • mine cutting and channeling machine operators