Demand for production work is shifting toward roles that support advanced manufacturing and away from those that have traditionally employed people in the Pittsburgh region. Advanced manufacturing, leads to a smaller number of higher skilled jobs. Automation controls and increased robotics expertise are now more sought after than in the past. About 6,000 production workers and engineering technicians who are unemployed are estimated to need more skills. Community members can help address the stigma with production and manufacturing jobs. Continued research in the field can also lead to more innovation here in the Pittsburgh region.

Additive manufacturing is also known as 3D Printing and is involved in the auto, heavy energy, mining and healthcare industries, to art & deco and consumer grade parts.

Take a look at a workforce development initiative from University of Pittsburgh tailored to connecting anyone with jobs in advanced manufacturing.

At HEBI, robotics are considered the next generation of tools for people. A wide range of requirements are needed to make robotics work: software, machine learning, AI, bio-robotics, etc.


Example Career Ladder: Advanced Manufacturing

Follow an example a career pathway in manufacturing from the core skills of Skilled and Technical Sciences into a career path.

An example career path in the field of manufacturing.

Machine Operators

  • Use of hand tools
  • Interpreting blueprints
  • Basic machine operation
  • Responsible for lceaning and maintaining manufacturing floor



  • Operate specialized machine tools to perform precision operations
  • Fabricate, inspect, and modify machinery parts

CNC Programmers

  • Prepare machinery for operation using numerical computer programming techniques and CAD software


  • Coordinate and assess the operations of the manufacturing team
  • Manage manufacturing floor for efficient operation

CATALYST CONNECTION Manufacturing Navigators

Join a panel discussion with seven of the eight Manufacturing Navigators. These young professionals have great backgrounds and during this panel discussion speak about their careers in manufacturing. Learn More