Blaine Siegel

Original airdate 
Feb 24, 2023

Blaine Siegel, Manager of Public Programs at Carnegie Museum of Art, discusses the 58th Carnegie International Film Festival with Jim Cunningham. Blaine also relays his work as an artist and where he can be found at Pittsburgh International airport, his role at Conflict Kitchen and Wilkinsburg High School before joining the Museum of Art staff. The Film Festival runs March 3 through 12, 2023. Rasha Salti, an independent film and visual arts curator and writer, has organized an historic and expansive collection of films that oscillates between “morning” and “night” and provides expanded context into Is it morning for you yet?, the 58th Carnegie International. 

The selections for the festival highlight the cinemas of Central America as well as Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Lebanon, France, and the United States. Drawn from the geopolitics of the Cold War, these films present a version of history that challenges the impunity of the victors, confronts imperial powers with their legacies of devastation, and forges their own paths for repair. 

Films will be screened at Carnegie Museum of Art and Row House Cinema in a festival format. 

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